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There once was a Yard Sign who couldn't find a home. All the sign wanted was to spread the word about a great business. However everywhere the Yard Sign went it was told to go away. The poor Yard Sign would wander from place to place and no one would give it a home. Some people would even throw it in the trash wasting the business owners money.

Then one day the sad Yard Sign ran into a little bird who told it....."hey why are you roaming the streets looking for a home"?  "All the smart Yard Signs are finding homes with Yard Sign Connect. "It's a great idea for everyone!  "Property owners earn extra money while business owners get their Yard Signs stuck in the most awesome neighborhoods".

Now our happy Yard Sign sits proudly in a family's front yard, near the road, where thousands of people read it every day..

We're growing across America from neighbor to neighbor. You could say "it's a stick it in the grass roots movement".
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